Lingox Regenerating Powder 80g


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Maintain the exquisite softness of your Lingox product by using this high quality Lingox Regenerating Powder. Spray over the surface and the entrances of your Lingox sleeve to get a light and uniform layer of powder all over it. This easy-to-use and innovative application method can ensure that you get to enjoy a realistic and soft sensation from your products longer. Don’t get busted, enjoy your Lingox sleeve like it was brand new! Check out all the other aces in the Lingox line: Lingox Poked Spade and Club Edition male masturbators, Lingox Lube and Lingox Toy Cleaner are also available!

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Made from exclusive formula


None Required

Size (imp)

2.82 oz, Product: 5.83 x 1.65

Size (met)

80g, Product: 148 mms x 42 mms


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