A great way to learn about your partner is to watch them masturbate, we know a lot of people worry about masturbation in relationships but trust us, you can be onto a winner in the bedroom. Masturbation can also be a healthy thing to do if you are on your own, but sharing your intimate wanking moments with your lover can make things oh so comfortable.
We also suggest making it more fun by using a vibrating Love Ring by Fifty Shades which is fun for both.

But, remember, masturbation is free, so it’s not always about spending lots of money on toys, here at Sextoy HQ we can offer you some great deals on cheap sextoys, take a look at this for example, a unique bullet from Rocks Off with some crazy functions to bring fun to the bedroom but with a tiny price tag, plus with 10% off everything storewide it’s even better!

So, masturbation is good for your health, mind and your relationship, spend some time learning and enjoying what it can bring to you and your relationship.

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G Spot Vibe

A quick look at the G Spot Lust Vibrator from our SexToy HQ reviewer…. this is a must have, especially when there’s 10% discount on this buzzing length of joy. The finish is smooth and slots in with ease, feels amazing and with 10 functions you’ll soon be moaning with pleasure. Its virtually seamless so it glides well, simple to use and what with the G Spot feature its full of surprises.  Grab it now while the sales on here.


Wow, These phallic sweet sugary donuts are sold in Bangkok on a stall named “Pho Hai Ma,” which means “I Got It From My Dad” in English, bizarrely enough, you can order a sausage and cheese filling which can come with an array of sauces to stick your sticky pinky into. We here at SextoyHQ are thinking of a new section to the website to deliver these to your home, what do you think…..? Gives a new meaning to Krispy Kremes brand!

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Free Wallpaper iPhone Android Sextoy HQ

So, here we are, already half way through the year and all sexed up in the blistering heat! We have kindly designed and built an iPhone/ Android Wallpaper for you to add to your screen and to remind you to get fucking when you get home and this is Sextoy HQs position of the month! Get sweaty in the 30 degrees that’s pumping out right now! To download, click here. Then go to your settings, wallpaper and set to both Home Screen and Lock Screen, enjoy.
Many more to come each month!
It’ll be time for us to get the calendar made for our sexy positions, we’ll keep you in the loop for that and the price, we may even give some away in our Christmas Competition. For now though, have fun with this one and lets not worry about the winter.

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